Headquartered in Ankara – Turkey, it was established by the citizen of Kazakhstan, TOLKYN KYLYCHCHY, with foreign capital.

It continues its activities non-stop 24/7 with its experienced and professional staff on high-level consultancy services and conventional trade transactions, especially in Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Our company founder Ms. TOLKYN KYLYCHCHY, who has carried out major government projects and consultancy services in Kazakhstan for years, has started the commercial circulation with TOLGUN GLOBAL in the most effective way in Turkey, where the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa meet, with our Ankara-based company, which he established with foreign capital.

With its professional staff, commercial and financial global intranet network and government references, it provides especially construction, building materials, food and greenhouse projects and financial consultancy services.

It provides the safest consultancy services especially for investors who want to invest in Kazakhstan and Turkey or establish a company and conduct commercial transactions.

It offers turnkey solutions in the fields of banking, finance, project finance, foreign trade, legal consultancy, project installation, construction, food and international transportation.